Rage Against The Mundane

You didn't go into business  to be boring. Me neither.

Maybe your goal is to make millions. Maybe it's to make a difference.

Nobody ever made squat putting their audience to sleep.

Every word on a page or pixel on a screen is an opportunity...and a risk. You can engage, educate and inspire - or you can bore.

If you need someone to just list your product line, I'm not your guy. If you're looking for a super-fancy marketing methodology, look elsewhere.

This is a place where simple, exceptional storytelling thrives.


Where bad, bland and boring goes to die.

Where your brand becomes everything you

always knew in your heart it could be.

Chasing greatness is why I went into business. How about you?

Let's makes something great.

Clients Served

Through my agency affiliations and as a freelancer, I've written copy and original content for the following brands.

Cates Creates, LLC.
Proudly created with

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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