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Welcome to Cates Creates, LLC.

Words that work. Marketing that matters. Ideas that inspire.

Content Creator.
Published Author.
Brand Strategist & Storyteller.

Greetings. Welcome to Cates Creates. My name is Hunter Cates and I am a writer. For 10 years I've written attention-commanding copy, traffic-driving original content, and powerful journalism. I've written for just about every medium you can imagine — I've even written a book — now I'd be honored to write for you.


Want to give your periodical more pizzazz, your marketing more muscle, or tell a story that inspires readers? You've come to the right place, my friend. 


Agency: Column Five

Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project

Agency: Change For Balance


Agency: Column Five


Agency: Column Five

Charles Schwab

Agency: Column Five

Intuit QuickBooks

Agency: Column Five

Toyota Tundra

Agency: Brothers & Company


Agecy: Column Five


Agency: Brothers & Company


Agency: Column Five


Agency: Column Five

Saint Francis Health System

Agency: Bear Agency


Agency: Cubic Creative

Mazzio's Pizza

Agency: AcrobatAnt

Chesapeake Energy Company

Agency: Brothers & Company

Bassmaster Classic

Agency: Brothers & Company

Sirius XM Radio

Agency: BlueView

Under Armour Outdoors

Agency: Brothers & Company

Folds of Honor

Agency: Brothers & Company

Clients Served

I call Tulsa, Oklahoma home, but have worked for brands across the nation and around God's green earth  developing messaging, creative campaigns, video scripts, website content, and ... just about everything. You're gonna want to check it out.


Let's make something great.

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